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I love the personal contact with clients and the opportunity to communicate movement to unique bodies. I also bring compassion to my teaching and enthusiastically embrace each client’s goals.   A Pilates Passion is nurturing other Pilates Teachers and students and to foster a Community built on supporting each other rather than competing against each other. This makes our studio the home for BASI Pilates’s Educational Programs.  I am a 2007 Graduate of the BASI Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training Program and spent the Foundation years of my Teaching Career working under the wing of one of BASI Pilates’ Principle Faculty.  I have taken part in extensive Advanced Education and I am a BASI Legacy Candidate having completed the Master 2 Program with Rael Isacowtz in-person in February 2020.  In January 2018 I became Local Faculty for BASI Pilates in New Zealand and teach multiple Teacher Trainer courses a year.  A highlight was being invited to teach for BASI Pilates Korea in Seoul in April and July 2019 and in 2020 the opportunity to write my first original workshop alongside, head physiotherapist at Physio Pilates, Richard Gallen. This workshop was premiered at BASI Pilates Australia’s Learn from The Leaders Conference 2021.